Through our world-class, international network of suppliers and manufacturers of exclusive branded spirits we have access to world-leading products.

So it is possible for us to take up even the most unusual wishes and to fulfil them in the shortest time.

You can find regional specialties from the tri-border region, such as excellent grappa from Italy or excellent brandies from Switzerland and Austria in our exceptionally rich assortment as well.

Service and expert advice are most important to us. If an item is no longer available, we will surely find an equivalent alternative.
We are happy to convince you of our competence. We look forward to your inquiry!


Swiss specialties

The Swiss art of distillation has tradition and diversity. According to old recipes, which are sometimes in the companies 5th generation, many fruits as apples, apricots, pears, raspberries, quinces, plums, grapes are being processed to spirits and liqueurs. However, Switzerland is known for the "Swiss cherry". more than 500 different varieties of cherries and the rich inventory makes Switzerland to an important cherry country.

We support selected Swiss traditional companies to bring to the interested connoisseurs in the world this special and unique taste.


We are looking for producers who meet the demands of our customers in the whole world.
This can be in our immediate neighborhood, or halfway around the world!


An excerpt from our range:

Vodka Kauffmann, Vodka Imperial in Fabergè egg, El Dorado Rum, Patron Tequila, the Grappa Roner, Nonino, Manzoni, Nardini, Poli Company, and many more
Brandies of Kössler and Rochelt from Tyrol

As well as an extensive whiskey selection of over 250 varieties!

Contact us and we will be happy to send an overview!


Rene Schöpf
Einkauf & Verkauf Sachbearbeiter Getränkehandel

Tel. +41 (0)81 861 8074

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